Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 180: My Boo.

Who was born 34 year ago TODAY?

This hot thing.

Today I'm thankful that my husband was born.

I love almost everything about him.  (If I said "everything" then you would all know I'm a liar - of course I don't love that he leaves his clothes next to the clothes basket every. single. time.)

My top ten favorite things about D at this moment. (subject to change based on performance, mood, and wind direction)
  1. This hair.
  2. That if I ask, "Will you run to the grocery store and get blank?" He will always do it.
  3. He puts music and apps on my iphone without me knowing it.
  4. He lets me do fun things like go to California without him.
  5. He's always up for an adventure.
  6. He always goes to bed later than me so I don't have to turn off any lights and listen to strange noises in the dark.
  7. He loves God.
  8. He is a great father.
  9. He looks good in t-shirts.
  10. He's funny and kind and humble.
(see what I did there, squeezing a few extras in the end?)

Happy birthday Sweet Cheeks. (the name my sons have decided is the absolute funniest thing you could call anyone in the history of ever, and should therefore belong to their dad.)