Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 168: Piano

In January Dustin and I started noticing that our five-year-old REALLY loved music.  After some consultation with his teachers and others we decided to enroll him in music lessons.  We had no idea what that entailed.  He thought it should entail drums.

We were referred to this amazingly nice young man that does lessons for little people out if his home.  Miles really loves going and for some reason this man gets him.  It turns out music lessons at five looks mostly like piano lessons, so we borrowed a keyboard and brought home an orange piano book.  Every day Miles practices without (usually) any argument.  He goes in once a week and learns new notes and asks a million questions that his teacher always answers. 

He still wants drums.

But he knows notes.  He can read music. 

Tonight our family piled into the car and headed to the local church where we sat through this short, but amazing piano recital.  I spent all day trying not to have expectations that exceeded the reality of a curious six year old boy's potential performance, but I really didn't need to.  Miles walked up on stage, waved at a few friendly faces in the crowd (multiple times), and played his piece.

This is all so significant to me that I can't even really express here in writing how much tonight meant to me. 

And then after the music was over and the cheese trays came out, his music teacher raved about how smart our boy was.

Smart.  This I knew, but it helps to hear someone else say it too. You see, he gets him. 

Today I am thankful for Miles' music teacher.

We all need someone that gets us.