Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 172: So Much

Today was filled with SO MUCH. 
So many helicopters. 
So many hours in the car.
So many friendly reunions. 
So many celebrations.
So many hellos and goodbyes. 
And unfortunately for me, so many sunburns. 

We drove to our college town from yesteryear and, being the spontaneous young blisters that we are, we met up with some people that we haven’t seen in awhile.  Right at the time we arrived there was a helicopter show going on at the municipal airport, where we met my VERY PREGNANT friend Kimberly (on her due date – but no baby) and her family.  The boys loved it.  I loved that it was free and not hot. 

We then got to see her new house, and then we zipped over to my friend Audra’s house while she was moving in (I carried TWO BOXES!) to see her new house.  And finally we went to Dustin’s brother’s house to say hello and hang out for a bit. 

It was a full day with a lot of goodness.

Today I am thankful for a day full of goodness.