Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 157: Flight

I am full of anticipation as I sit here ready to board a flight that will lead me to some of my favorite people that have walked the earth.  I'm lucky, because I have A LOT of favorites - people that I can't imagine my life without.  I have a lot of people near me, and far away from me, and in many other countries. 

I wish I could see all of them every weekend. 

I wish I had a million dollars, because that is how I would spend it. 

But today I get to have my largest Corrymeela reunion yet since we left nearly a year ago.  Today I get to see some people I miss so much my heart hurts.

On other days my heart hurts because I'm sad they are so out of reach.  Today my heart hurts from the pure excitement of seeing them in just a few hours.  By the time I go to bed tonight I will be sharing a tiny cabin in wine country with three other women I haven't seen in a year or more. 

I can't stand it.

Today I am thankful for exciting reunions and the airplanes that make it possible.