Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 166: Dads

Today I am thankful for fathers.

I am thankful for my own father that taught me the value of honest living and hard work.  For phrases he hung on to, and threw around all my life, including (but not limited to)...Nothing good happens after 12, and Remember where you came from.  I'm grateful for years of magical memories I have stored up in my bank of knowledge that all include him.

I am thankful for the father of my children who is always willing to change a diaper that I walk away from and would never let our kids starve to death.  The father that will let his partner go off to California while he played single dad for four days and looked good doing it.  He is the teacher of life lessons, the filler of my music library, and the flipper of morning pancakes.  He spends his days building websites and his evenings building little men.  He's also a hottie.

I'm am thankful for my father-in-law who taught above-mentioned hottie how to do it all.  You raised a good one, so you did. The man whose son must have been taking copious notes for the first 22 years - especially in the pancake flipping department.

I am thankful for the men who step up and act as fathers to my children when Dustin can't be there.  For our neighbors and church family that are filled with outstanding men living as substitute fathers in disguise.

I am thankful for my grandfathers and what they taught me about hard work and quiet love.  I am thankful for their devotion to Jesus.  I am thankful that they could procreate and therefore made parents that could parent with conviction and love.

I am thankful for the men who step up without a moments hesitation to be a father to the fatherless.  The men that slide into those roles as though they were theirs all along - who love children that are not theirs as though they are theirs.