Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 154: Strangers

Today I fell off my bike. 

Trust me, I've fallen off my bike before - I'm no stranger to embarrassing moments involving bikes. 

The problem was that this time it was in front of a school building (with lots of spectators) and I had a nearly two-year-old strapped in behind me.  And it all happened in a painful slow-motion.  And we landed in an evergreen bush. 

I wanted to laugh off the embarrassment and cry out my shaky-ness all at once, but no one was around besides my 4 year old who couldn't figure out why Oliver and I were lying down in the bush. 

Until she came running across the street.  I had no idea she had seen us, but I knew she was about twenty steps ahead of us at the cross walk before the fall.  Instead of just glancing to see that I was okay, and going on her way she actually ran across the highway to check on me.  To laugh a little with me, and to offer a tiny bit of comfort.  And to change the subject when I was clearly done self-deprecating myself. 

Today I am thankful for kind strangers.

Especially those who go a step further than I might if I was put in their situation.