Thursday, December 31, 2009


Last night we walked in the door at around 5:04 p.m. from the Fisher family Christmas. At 5:05 we got the mail out of the mailbox, and at 5:06 this was the scene for the remainder of the ENTIRE night. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the awesome tractor and thingy-majiggers that go behind it (I'm sure Dustin knows the actual name of these particular implements).

Then today we went out to run some errands and decided to take the boys to Barnes and Noble to use their gift cards from Nana and Papa. Miles insisted on taking his cars and trucks book with him everywhere we went. Eventually he fell asleep clutching it for dear life.

Then when we got to Barnes and Noble Miles immediately found the cars and truck books and made himself at home for quite a long time. The only way I could get him out of that section was to show him the train track table in another section.

And finally we ended up with a couple of awesome truck books, but the most important one had to go into Panera with us.

Thanks Nana and Papa for an awesome opportunity to pick out an awesome book!

And I must throw in one picture of Liam from this morning when he was enjoying the early morning sunshine.  If there was a neck and leg strength contest for 3.5 week olds he would be the bomb diggity.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowed in and Nose Jobs

This weekend we got some major snow and were snowed in for just about two days.  The first day was a lot of fun, and to be honest no one got out of their pajamas until well after lunch.  When we could finally make it down our street we finally went and bought Miles a pair of snowboots so that he could go outside and help shovel the driveway.  How many more years until these kids are actually more usefully than just acting cute for the neighbors outside to admire from their windows??  Mama's sick of shoveling snow and is gearing up for years of being pampered by her boys. :)

Now you are probably wonder what "Nose Job" is all about.  Well, someone in our household underwent some major reconstructive surgery.  Most of you that either know Miles, or follow the blog regularly, realize that we have a VERY special friend that, according to Miles, goes "OOOOOHHH, Ah Ah Ah!"  That's right, after months of chewing, sewing back on, and then chewing some more, Monkey has officially lost his noes.  Actually, to be honest, I cut it off as it was hanging on by a thread (literally) and I didn't want Miles to choke on it.  Well, the nose is apparently the MOST important part of Monkey since that is the part Miles chews on, mostly when he is running around the house and needs both hands.  I channeled my fifth grade 4-H sewing project self to try and fashion a new nose out of harmless thread, and you can see the results below.  I thought it looked pretty good, but apparently it was obvious because Miles wouldn't quit staring at Monkey's face.  You'll be happy to know that the new nose is just  as useful as a chew-toy as the old one.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Well, I haven't written anything in awhile because we've been pretty busy, with a new baby, my thesis project last Friday, and then the holidays on top of all that.  So this is a super long post to update everything pretty much since Liam has been born.  

Miles helping me and my mom with Liam's first bath.
The week after Liam was born my parents came out and stayed with us for a week.  It was so great to have them here to help us out, play with Miles, and to fix us great meals.  Miles loved having them here, and I must admit that I did too. :)

After my parents left on Sunday I had to figure out how to take care of two little boys by myself while Dustin went back to work part-time for the week.  It was quite the adventure, but we made it and had lots of visitors that kept us occupied, entertained, and fed.  Then on Thursday we left for Ohio - where I would be with the boys for an entire week.  On Friday I presented my Final Thesis Project to a board at AAU via teleconference and PASSED!  This means I am officially done with my MFA.  This is such a relief and I am not sure what I'm going to do with all of my free time now...(umm, maybe raise two children??).  The rest of the week was filled with fun family activities with Uncle Isaac, and Grandma and Grandpa, and then even Uncle Collin and Aunt Becca eventually.  Dustin had to fly home for three days to finish up school, and it was obvious that Miles was missing him (and Liam as well - and me for that matter).  I have a whole new appreciation for single parents.  

So, instead of boring you with more details of the week with my family, I will just include some photos of what we did and the fun we had.  

Liam sitting up in my Dad's hand - so strong!

Miles having a laugh with Uncle Isaac.

Opening presents at Grandma and Grandpa's House

Liam sitting with his Dad watching presents being opened.

Miles sharing a snack with his cousin Morgan.

We got home late last night (on Christmas Day) and woke up this morning to A LOT of snow - and it hasn't stopped!  We had our little family Christmas and enjoyed opening presents together for our first Christmas!

The three of our checking out the great snowfall outside.

Miles playing with just some of his new tractors that he got for Christmas.

Miles' new quilt.

Liam trying out Miles' new barn. :)

Miles testing out his new barn after Liam.

Now, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas with a preview of the Christmas Card/Birth Announcement that we sent out this year.  Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome to the World Little Liam Douglas

Born: December 6th, 10:36 pm
Weight: 7 lb. 4 oz.
Length 20.5 inches
Status: Favorite little bro to Miles who loves to give him kisses, feed him crackers and show him his trucks. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This baby is NEVER coming! But Miles is keeping things interesting.

Well, the baby bean called to say that it has changed its mind and it isn't ever going to come out - at least not on my time schedule. Therefore I have decided to embrace these days with Miles that are just the two of us, and that I never really thought I would get again. The only problem is that I'm over nine months pregnant and EVERYTHING is hard. Just a small problem though, right?? In fact, the little stinker didn't take a nap today. I am upstairs and just heard him come out of his room after almost three hours of singing, crying, and laughing. As I write this he is downstairs stomping around loudly and laughing at how funny he thinks he is.

As proof that he should be tired, I'm including a video of Miles that I took this morning the SECOND time he woke up - at 5:30am. It's pretty cute how he wakes up every morning and comes over to get us in our room. Now that he is in a toddler bed he will get up either A.) as soon as he sees one of us turn on a light, or B.) At what he feels is an appropriate hour (his definition of an appropriate hour and mine are VERY different). The cutest part, which I couldn't actually capture in this video is that when he comes out he ALWAYS has to bring monkey and bear (we get real creative with names around here). Bear is about as big as Miles. The movie is sort of long because I also included some predawn playtime that Miles and I shared while Dustin slept blissfully in the other room. Luckily I can't sleep in right now anyways so I don't mind getting up with him. Eventually this may change. :)

Miles just came upstairs and when he saw me he laughed/smiled really big like he is the most clever little guy around - what a turkey.

Also today I decided that if I did some serious cleaning and mopping it might jump-start some labor. All it really did was give Miles something to play in. I was mopping the bathroom and when I turned around this is what I found. It only took him about 2.5 seconds, but the boy loves bubbles - especially rubbing them in his hair. Luckily I was only using dish soap because I couldn't find any actual mopping solution. :)

Well, that is all I really have to share today. Maybe the next post will be about a new little baby - if it really does exist and I haven't just been having a weird stomach flu for the last nine+ months.