Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowed in and Nose Jobs

This weekend we got some major snow and were snowed in for just about two days.  The first day was a lot of fun, and to be honest no one got out of their pajamas until well after lunch.  When we could finally make it down our street we finally went and bought Miles a pair of snowboots so that he could go outside and help shovel the driveway.  How many more years until these kids are actually more usefully than just acting cute for the neighbors outside to admire from their windows??  Mama's sick of shoveling snow and is gearing up for years of being pampered by her boys. :)

Now you are probably wonder what "Nose Job" is all about.  Well, someone in our household underwent some major reconstructive surgery.  Most of you that either know Miles, or follow the blog regularly, realize that we have a VERY special friend that, according to Miles, goes "OOOOOHHH, Ah Ah Ah!"  That's right, after months of chewing, sewing back on, and then chewing some more, Monkey has officially lost his noes.  Actually, to be honest, I cut it off as it was hanging on by a thread (literally) and I didn't want Miles to choke on it.  Well, the nose is apparently the MOST important part of Monkey since that is the part Miles chews on, mostly when he is running around the house and needs both hands.  I channeled my fifth grade 4-H sewing project self to try and fashion a new nose out of harmless thread, and you can see the results below.  I thought it looked pretty good, but apparently it was obvious because Miles wouldn't quit staring at Monkey's face.  You'll be happy to know that the new nose is just  as useful as a chew-toy as the old one.