Thursday, December 31, 2009


Last night we walked in the door at around 5:04 p.m. from the Fisher family Christmas. At 5:05 we got the mail out of the mailbox, and at 5:06 this was the scene for the remainder of the ENTIRE night. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the awesome tractor and thingy-majiggers that go behind it (I'm sure Dustin knows the actual name of these particular implements).

Then today we went out to run some errands and decided to take the boys to Barnes and Noble to use their gift cards from Nana and Papa. Miles insisted on taking his cars and trucks book with him everywhere we went. Eventually he fell asleep clutching it for dear life.

Then when we got to Barnes and Noble Miles immediately found the cars and truck books and made himself at home for quite a long time. The only way I could get him out of that section was to show him the train track table in another section.

And finally we ended up with a couple of awesome truck books, but the most important one had to go into Panera with us.

Thanks Nana and Papa for an awesome opportunity to pick out an awesome book!

And I must throw in one picture of Liam from this morning when he was enjoying the early morning sunshine.  If there was a neck and leg strength contest for 3.5 week olds he would be the bomb diggity.