Monday, September 28, 2009

Yet ANOTHER video of Miles eating...

I don't really have much to share, but I wanted to post this video for my parents (and of course all interested parties) of Miles eating dinner tonight since he was so "shell shocked" the other night when they talked to him on Skype. I guess it is totally weird to him that Grandma and Grandpa are on the computer talking directly to him. He was like a deer caught in the headlights.

This movie is from tonight when we were eating dinner. Dustin has Monday night class which just leaves the two of us to fend for ourselves. We had a lot of fun, and I miss our alone time together, so I think this will be great. :) This video just features some of his new words and body-part location (which we have been working very hard on.)

Other than that things are going pretty well. Miles cut 4 teeth last week and is cutting 2 as we speak. I'm looking forward to a break in the cutting of teeth, and I'm sure he is as well. :) Miles has also started to cry when I drop him off at the sitter's. At first I thought this would make it harder for me, but to be completely honest, it makes me feel good - especially because I know he loves his sitter and gets over the crying VERY quickly.

Here is a funny story: A few weeks ago our financial planner was over talking to us about our financial plans. He is this really nice guy, just a little older than us. Miles was running around playing when all of the sudden he came running out of our bedroom waving something white wildly around like he was surrendering. Upon closer inspection (although not that close) I realized it was a pair of my underwear from the dirty laundry hamper in our room! Dustin had to chase Miles down just so that he would stop marching around waving them over his head. Me=Mortified. Miles=Cute. Go figure. I wish I was one. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Featuring The FABULOUS fifteen month freak-outs

Things have been really busy around here for us. My classes started last week and that has consumed a lot of my thoughts as I prepare for me Final Review this winter. I found out that my thesis presentation will happen sometime between November 30 and December 16th......which would normally be just great if I wasn't due to have a baby on November 29th. Do you think that they give out pregnancy passes for MFA candidates?

Last weekend Dustin and I went to my dear friend, Rachel's wedding in Kansas City. It was so good to see friends from college and to get away with Dustin. My parents came out to stay with Miles and spoil him nonstop for the entire weekend even though we only went out for Sunday night. When we returned on Monday Miles had not napped, but was still having a great time (my parents were total softees). He had so much fun that he was completely exhausted. At about 4:30 he asked me to pick him up, and two minutes later he was asleep in my arms. What is a mother to do? I decided to wake him up, bath him, and then feed him, hopefully buying us some time. Through all of these activities he was on the verge of falling asleep (hence the mealtime video). However, the minute I put him in the crib, right after this movie, he proceeded to stay awake and talk to himself for about 30 minutes. I don't get it. Half the time I don't remember my head hitting the pillow.

On a side note, Miles seems to be tiptoeing around the "terrible twos" WAY too early. I worked with two year olds for a year and half and never really believed in the "terrible twos", but I now realize that a parent has to put up with an entirely different child than a teacher or daycare provider. I'm not sure what it is about 15 months, but I've read on other people's blogs about this crazy transformation that takes place at about that time. Why don't they ever write about that in books? Don't get me wrong....85% of the time Miles is still the fantastic little boy that giggles and runs around happy as can be. It is the other 15% that is killing me. I'm so glad that he has a mind of his own, and I should really consider myself blessed because the tantrums last literally 5-10 seconds, but they are still very frequent and exhausting. Truth be told they are mostly exhausting because they usually involve Miles throwing something down on the floor really hard - even something that he really likes (i.e. MONKEY) and then crying like I'm the one who did it. I usually just ignore these little "reflective moments", but there are times when I have to respond and pick the item up (i.e. my wallet in the aisle of Lowes). I keep telling myself that if Miles knew how hard it was for me to bend over right now and pick up something off the floor, then he wouldn't do this to his poor mom. However, I'm not convinced. So until I hear some sort of fantastic idea of how to keep these little tantrums - that absolutely stem from NOTHING (I'm not kidding - he's not ever really mad about anything when he starts them), then I guess we'll just keep ignoring them. Luckily Miles has a way of winning his mom and dad over immediately after he does something particularly defiant. I am a total sucker for his smile and a quick hug.

This second video is just a funny little one from a few days ago when Miles dug my sunglasses out of my bag. He has just discovered how much he LOVES his reflection - who can blame him?? He'll stare at himself as he turns circles in front of the microwave - his favorite reflective surface, and he'll even stare at himself as he throws a fit getting his diaper changed (there is a mirror right above his changing table). Here you can see Miles catch a glimpse of himself in the microwave and stop dead in his tracks. You even get a little glimpse of his future brother or sister as the camera swings around at one point. (Frankly, he/she is hard to hide these days.)

One more story: Today when we were driving to Lowes (we are re-tiling our downstairs shower - okay, DUSTIN is retiling our shower) I was trying to explain to Dustin how I feel like I've been "nesting" lately since it is the end of my pregnancy. He had no idea what that meant, so I explained to him that recently I want to organize everything and I keep wanting to renovate parts of our house, like the upstairs bathroom and such. I feel this overwhelming need to paint rooms and buy new furniture. After a second he looked over at me and said.... "Soooo...have you been pregnant for the last seven years?" Very funny Dustin.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My ear?!?!?!?

Dear Miles,

Oh happy day. Today during lunch, you found your ears! Living near the airport we get a lot of practice listening for airplanes and helicopters (no that's a lawn mower). Now remember that frozen carrots and peas do not belong there.

By accident you also found your nose. And surprise, your fingers fit perfectly into your nostrils! We'll keep working on that one.

Just a word of advice – you know that little button in the center of the door knob? Yeah, that locks the door and keeps you from being able to get in or out. For my sanity, please keep that in mind.

Here's to a long nap!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Miles,

In the past week, it has become apparent that you have several new favorite things. First, your new favorite food is ketchup. It doesn't matter if you have hot dogs, french fries, or any other food that normally accompanies ketchup as long as you have a large dollop of the red stuff. For today's lunch, you bypassed the avocado, peach, broccoli and yes, hot dogs, and went right for the ketchup. That's right, you thought it best to eat the red stuff right the spoonful. I will admit that part of this is my fault, as I am trying to get rid of those old franks in the fridge, but try to remember that I am eating them, too. We're both taking one for the team. I know you haven't experienced Velveeta yet, so I believe that your tastes will change. Your mom gave me the green light to go ahead and buy it, so next week's menu will consist entirely of macaroni and 'cheese', 'cheesy' potatoes, vegetables and 'cheese', and anything else you can think of.

Another recent fascination of yours has been homemade toys. I look forward to finishing a box of cereal just so I can see your face light up when you discover the paperboard box. Your shoes are pretty cool, too. I mean they do have laces with chewy plastic tips and it is fun to swing them around as you walk. I realize that it will be all too soon that you can actually get them on your feet without my help. Remember, it goes sock and then shoe, not the other way around. Until then, minutes and minutes of sheer enjoyment!

And of course, who could forget feeding Cooper. You now find joy in finding scraps of food on the floor and dropping them right in front of the dog. Of course, he loves you for this, but I'm afraid that you may be ruining his diet. Oh well, I suppose he is a dog, so it's okay. At least now he tolerates you a little more (I think he really is starting to like the hugs that you give him).

Keep practicing walking backwards, Michael Jackson would have loved it, I know I do.