Monday, August 29, 2016

45 Reasons I Haven't Written in a Million Years.

I haven't written in a long long time.  Perhaps the longest time yet. ONE WHOLE YEAR.

I am constantly saying to myself, "I should write about that."  But then I don't.

Reasons I tell myself I haven't been writing:
  1. I don't know where to start. 
  2. I'm should be more protective of my personal life.  
  3. I'm trying to figure my life out.
  4. I'm just not a writer.
  5. I need to stop thinking that I'm a writer.
  6.  Oversharing is no longer trendy.
  7. But I LOVE oversharing.
  8.  I need to make more art.
  9. I'm not making enough art.
  10. I don't want to be a complainer.
  11. I don't want to pretend my life is perfect.
  13. No one wants to read what I have to say.
  14. People will talk about about how they don't want to read what I have to say.
  15. My kids deserve to not have their lives slathered all over the internet. 
  16. I'm lazy.
  17. I can either eat breakfast or write.  Breakfast always wins.
  18. I can either eat a snack or write. Snacking always wins.
  19. I can either binge watch old episodes of Brothers and Sisters or write. Guess which one wins.
  20. Work always gets in the way.
  21. Life is pretty crappy right now and I don't want to be a downer.
  22. Life is pretty awesome right now and I don't want to brag.
  23. What if this is my last day on earth - do I want to spend it at my computer?
  24. What if this is my last day on earth and these are the last words I put on the interwebs?
  25. What if this is my last day on earth and I HAVEN'T WRITTEN ON HERE FOR A YEAR?
  26. Maybe I should vacuum my house.
  27. Cleaning is for suckers - so is sitting at a computer.
  28. Ugh. SO. MUCH. WORK.
  29. So much chaos and noise - can't think straight. 
  30. The weeds in my flowerbed are knee-high.
  31. The neighbors might find out about me. 
  32. The neighbors might find out what all the yelling is about.
  33. My kids already watch too much t.v. by most social media standards. 
  34. Sometimes I say too much.
  35. What if the mailman reads it?
  36. I'm just not very funny.
  37. Shut up, I'm hilarious. 
  38. What if my pastor reads it?
  39. What if my aunts read it?
  40. My parents probably should not read this.
  41. Someday my kids will be able to read it.
  42. I'm on a year-long kick about not doing things - disguised as "slowing down." 
  43.  Sometimes my kids need snacks and things, and it is just TOO MUCH WORK.
  44. I have to can these FREAKING TOMATOES before they start rotting in my fridge.
  45. Life dude. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I made a thing called Go. Do. Be.

I made a drawing of Mussenden Temple...

...and Google (like magic) knew what the heck I was talking about even though I completed butchered the spelling.  Go clever search engines!

I made a thing.