Monday, September 28, 2009

Yet ANOTHER video of Miles eating...

I don't really have much to share, but I wanted to post this video for my parents (and of course all interested parties) of Miles eating dinner tonight since he was so "shell shocked" the other night when they talked to him on Skype. I guess it is totally weird to him that Grandma and Grandpa are on the computer talking directly to him. He was like a deer caught in the headlights.

This movie is from tonight when we were eating dinner. Dustin has Monday night class which just leaves the two of us to fend for ourselves. We had a lot of fun, and I miss our alone time together, so I think this will be great. :) This video just features some of his new words and body-part location (which we have been working very hard on.)

Other than that things are going pretty well. Miles cut 4 teeth last week and is cutting 2 as we speak. I'm looking forward to a break in the cutting of teeth, and I'm sure he is as well. :) Miles has also started to cry when I drop him off at the sitter's. At first I thought this would make it harder for me, but to be completely honest, it makes me feel good - especially because I know he loves his sitter and gets over the crying VERY quickly.

Here is a funny story: A few weeks ago our financial planner was over talking to us about our financial plans. He is this really nice guy, just a little older than us. Miles was running around playing when all of the sudden he came running out of our bedroom waving something white wildly around like he was surrendering. Upon closer inspection (although not that close) I realized it was a pair of my underwear from the dirty laundry hamper in our room! Dustin had to chase Miles down just so that he would stop marching around waving them over his head. Me=Mortified. Miles=Cute. Go figure. I wish I was one. :)