Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Miles,

In the past week, it has become apparent that you have several new favorite things. First, your new favorite food is ketchup. It doesn't matter if you have hot dogs, french fries, or any other food that normally accompanies ketchup as long as you have a large dollop of the red stuff. For today's lunch, you bypassed the avocado, peach, broccoli and yes, hot dogs, and went right for the ketchup. That's right, you thought it best to eat the red stuff right away...by the spoonful. I will admit that part of this is my fault, as I am trying to get rid of those old franks in the fridge, but try to remember that I am eating them, too. We're both taking one for the team. I know you haven't experienced Velveeta yet, so I believe that your tastes will change. Your mom gave me the green light to go ahead and buy it, so next week's menu will consist entirely of macaroni and 'cheese', 'cheesy' potatoes, vegetables and 'cheese', and anything else you can think of.

Another recent fascination of yours has been homemade toys. I look forward to finishing a box of cereal just so I can see your face light up when you discover the paperboard box. Your shoes are pretty cool, too. I mean they do have laces with chewy plastic tips and it is fun to swing them around as you walk. I realize that it will be all too soon that you can actually get them on your feet without my help. Remember, it goes sock and then shoe, not the other way around. Until then, minutes and minutes of sheer enjoyment!

And of course, who could forget feeding Cooper. You now find joy in finding scraps of food on the floor and dropping them right in front of the dog. Of course, he loves you for this, but I'm afraid that you may be ruining his diet. Oh well, I suppose he is a dog, so it's okay. At least now he tolerates you a little more (I think he really is starting to like the hugs that you give him).

Keep practicing walking backwards, Michael Jackson would have loved it, I know I do.