Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Fantastic Week....

We had a great week and weekend that made me love living in the midwest, and even in Peoria. Earlier this week we went to see the Peoria Chiefs play and to watch a recovering Zambrano pitch five innings in our tiny little Class A field. I'm not going to lie and say that I know a lot about the Cubs, or that I knew Zambrano was a pitcher before this week, but I am the type of person that LOVES being a part of something and I love the idea of atmosphere. When we walked up to the field and saw the sheer number of people there and the energy that was in the air I got goose bumps. I LOVE going to baseball games - it doesn't matter who's playing - and I LOVE when people are excited about something. Those two things combined made it a great night. Here Miles is with my friend Brett, who he wouldn't let put him down all night. Miles hearts Brett for some reason. Who knew??

On Friday night we went over to my friend Dawn's house for some poker and pizza in honor of our Vegas trip. Dawn has a little girl, Sophia that just turned one and Miles loves her. They spent all night playing together, "reading" each other stories, and just sharing toys. I don't know how long this generous, giving stage will last, but I will embrace it while it is here. Here Sophia and Miles are watching the big kids play outside.

On Saturday we decided to be tourists in our own city, starting out at the Forest Park Nature Center, which is one of Peoria's best kept secrets. I hadn't heard of it until this year, and I can't understand why not. It is this tiny piece of heaven in the middle of the city with trails and tons of cool stuff. Afterwards we headed to the zoo to check out some of the animals and the new African exhibit.
Here is a picture of Miles and Dustin on a camel. I asked Dustin if he wanted to be in the picture, or take it and he told me that he wanted to get on the camel because he was already thinking of some funny poses.....this is the best he came up with. Don't think too hard Dustin. :)
On Saturday night we went to Ben and Marissa's for a cookout. At one point we all were sitting down to eat and Miles was playing with trucks in the living room. Marissa gave her 3 and a half year old son, Aeden a pudding pack and all I could think of was how Miles would steal it from him and devour it. I kept checking on them and Miles seemed to be happily ignoring Aeden and playing away with the trucks. After about five minutes of silence Aeden walked slowly into the dining room with all of the adults. The poor guy had chocolate pudding all over his chest and face. Slowly following behind him was Miles, looking ever more guilty with chocolate pudding EVERYWHERE and licking his fingers like they were tasty little treats. All I know is that luckily the damage was contained to only the boys and somehow there wasn't a single bit of pudding on the floor, coffee table, or elsewhere.
I guess I'll never know what actually happened, but it is pretty funny to think about.
Miles - 1, Aeden - 0. Better luck next time buddy......

Yesterday (Saturday) we were sitting at Steak N Shake (which I haven't been inside of since college) and some man, who I assumed at the time was homeless and a little crazy, just randomly came up to us and told us that we didn't know how good we have it. Totally out of the blue.....he didn't say why he thought that, and didn't talk about his situation at all. He just stopped by our table for enough time to tell us this and then walk on. My first reaction was "This is why I don't go to Steak-n-Shake." My second reaction was to fell sorry for him. My third reaction was that maybe he was right. And then my fourth, and final reaction was "Of course I know how lucky I am." There are so many negative things happening in the world right now, not only outside of the US, but within our city and homes. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel EXTREMELY lucky. Lucky to have a husband that is kind and generous that will vacuum the house without being asked and will stop at Arbys on the way home from church only because I said I couldn't stop thinking about curly fries. I feel lucky to have a home and job that I love and feel comfortable in. I'm never hungry (at least not unreasonably hungry), cold, hot, or fatigued. I feel lucky to have two babies. One that I am just starting to know and love as he or she grows inside of me and forces me to finally break down and buy maternity clothes. This one that reminds me every night that they are there and alive, and quite the gymnast. I am so so lucky to have another little one that makes me laugh every five minutes as he spins around in the kitchen until he is dizzy and laughs at his own reflection in the microwave. This little one that has finally turned me into a "mom".

So Mr. Homeless Man, I DO know how lucky I am, and I can't imagine myself ever taking it for granted. However, I thank you for reminding me.