Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well the first week back at school for me was much better than anticipated. I think that it was much worse thinking about it and anticipating it, than it was actually going. I had a good week, AND I had Miles and Dustin to look forward to coming home to. I did take Miles to the sitter on Tuesday so that he could try it out, and we ended up having the first day in the history of our lives with Miles in which no nap was involved. Let's just say that I hope to never repeat that. :)

On a much lighter note, it was just Miles and I today (Saturday) since Dustin was helping some of our friends move. It's been so long since we've done any videos, and Miles was in a pretty good mood, so we thought we'd do a little showing off.

This first video is a little game that Miles loves to play where Mommy chases him around the house, and he runs is SO MUCH FUN that we just can't stand it sometimes. I know my dad will like this one because it was he always did it to all of us kids when we were growing up. :) (You'll also have to ignore the massive amount of shedding that our rug does in this movie. It's a nice rug, but it is like having a fourth pet to clean up after.)

The second movie is called "How Smart is Miles". Have you ever noticed how parents just sit around asking their children ridiculously obvious questions just to listen to them answer..... guilty as charged. Just like every other parent in America, we think ours is a pretty smart cookie. :)


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Ahser and I watched! When MIles fell on the second movie asher said "uh oh" It was cute. Miles is getting so big.