Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our first hike

As Tiff is enjoying some time with her friends, Miles and I are finding new and exciting things to do here at home. Today I decided to go on a mini-adventure. I had grand plans to hike for a while at the nature center here in town and then eat PB & J at a nearby park overlooking the river. The hike went really well, with Miles strapped into the carrier on my chest and a hydration pack on my back (I'm sure I looked pretty awesome, but who cares). He was more interested in the 'straw' to get water out of the backpack than he was with the surroundings, but I didn't take it personally. The image below is taken at the first pit stop, where we took a break to eat animal crackers.

Soon thereafter, Miles decided it was time for a nap, so he became dead weight for the next 45 minutes. Too bad for him, because he missed out on a wild turkey and its tiny poult (aka baby), as well as two fawns and their mother. Oh well, he'll see them next time.

After Miles woke up (2+ miles later), we just decided to sit in the nature center and eat lunch (c'mon you really think he would miss out on feeding time?). Not nearly as glamorous as the river overlook, but when there is no available public restroom nearby until the center's 1:00 opening time, you change plans. Miles wasn't took excited about our quasi-urban-garden fresh-picked green beans, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers as he was about the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As you can see here, he thought it would be a good idea to shove a palm-sized piece into his mouth for the picture (and if you've seen him in person, you know how big his palms are).

Each time we do something, I learn how I will do it differently the next time. In this case, the next time we go for a hike, I will bring the camera. At a minimum, I will have the camera or phone in an easily accessible area rather than in a deep pocket of the backpack. There were some good photos, but they were taken only in my memory!


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Good for Tiff getting away with the girls. Good for you for spending time with that beautiful boy. I love when dad's do things with their kidos...

Miles is getting so big.