Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I don't know where I got it Mommy.....

On our way to the beach at Lake Michigan with Miles' cousins. (The blinding glare in the background is not the sun - it is my white white leg reflecting the sun)

It has been a long time since I've posted, mostly because Miles stopped doing anything cute.....okay, we all know that's not true. :) The truth is that we've been pretty busy lately. So, rather than give word-for-word accounts of our last few weeks, I'll try to keep it in outline format for those of you - like me - that skim over long paragraphs and really just want pictures. :)
Miles trying on Dustin's bike helmet before he leaves for work.

New words - "ta" which is "hot". Miles pointed to me today and said "ta" - only 13 months old and already knows what the women want to hear. :)

Update on favorite book - Remember that book that I mentioned a few posts back that Miles LOVES. Well, now he has figured out how to reach up to the top book shelf and pick it out of all of the hardcover books up there. The regular children's books and board books just won't do. I'm not sure how he figured it out, but he can pick that white spine out of a crowd and look at the pictures for minutes - which is hours in baby time. :)

Miles on our bed reading his favorite book

Where?? - Lately everywhere we go Miles sees a ball - and says so. A few days ago I couldn't see what he was talking about and so I shrugged my shoulders and put my palms up and said "Where is the ball, Miles?" Since then he has started imitating me when I do that. Today I was in the dining room and he came out of his room with something in his hand, looked right at me, and shot it into his mouth. After I got him to spit it out I realized it was an entire receipt. I said "Where did you get this receipt Miles?" and he just looked at me, smiled, and shrugged his shoulders with his palms up as if he was saying "I don't know where I got it Mommy." I had to hug him.....I am such a sucker.

Trucks - Miles hasn't started saying "truck" yet, but he does love anything with wheels. What he has started doing is making the sound - which is sort of interesting. It sounds like he is doing a deep-throated growl while saying "MaMaMaMa". So yesterday when I was walking around Target and he saw a truck, he made the sound that lasted almost through the entire store. I kept saying "I know you like trucks Miles" so that people wouldn't think that my possessed one year old really had it out for his Mama.

Here we are on our way to the beach with Miles' cousins. Wyatt's leg makes a great pillow

Hugs all around - ever since my parents taught Miles to give hugs, it is his favorite thing to do. No, seriously. When he meets you, he will reach for you. Once you pick him up he will lay his head on your shoulder while melting your heart. You could be our bald giant next door neighbor with a huge back tattoo, or the newest artist displaying work at Venue, or you could just be some random homeless bum on the street. Only one year old, and he is already networking and schmoozing. He even made one woman cry the other day. :)
Miles' favorite thing to do at the beach - eat. Which is really his favorite thing to do anywhere.

Beach bum - This weekend we went to Lake Michigan with the Fishers. Miles of course loved everything about it, which is good because he is destined to years of Lake Michigan summers. He even took a nap on the beach because his parents didn't want to miss out on PTT (Prime Tanning Time for you novices).

Miles with Dustin in our snazzy new beach tent - perfect for beach naps. :)


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Sweet!!! He looks to be doing wonderful. SO glad things are going so well for you all. He is lovely.