Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 178: New Lake

Dustin's family owns a piece of land with a patch of water that is too large to call a pond and too small to call a lake...but we do anyways.

It has a small beach and patch of trees.  The wildlife runs rampant and the cows are grazing just feet away.  I've always loved it.  When his grandfather was still alive it was always kept in great shape.  We went camping out there - by ourselves and with friends.  Eventually everyone got a little too busy to keep it mowed and free of weeds.  The lake went unused except for the occasional fisherman looking for a little peace in the middle of the Midwest. 

This past year has brought plans by some members of the family to renovate this little patch of land.  Basically, to clean it up and make it more appealing.  It didn't take much.  There is so much beauty there by itself. 

And I love going there with my boys.  I hope it is a place they remember fondly from their childhood. 

Today I am thankful for this patch of land and for the people who are caring for it.