Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 160: Reunions


If I tried to tell you how amazing my weekend just was, you’d never believe me.
It’s a simple equation really…

4 women
1000 life changing experiences living and working in another country together
2 years since we’ve all been together in one place
1 million other distractions
2.5 days Sonoma County wine “toodling”

25 moments of delicious food
100 soul filling conversations
60 miles of breathtaking countryside
1 beautiful reunion.

Oh my word, how I have missed them.  I’ve missed telling them everything that has been happening since I last saw them.  I’ve missed hearing about their lives and loves. 

Today I am thankful for reunions.

There was so much emotion wrapped up into this weekend.
Happiness at seeing their faces all together at once, and in real life.
Sadness at the reminder that there are others I miss so so much and who I don’t get to see quite yet.

Excitement at getting to hear where their lives are leading them, or have led them.
Shock at the realization that it has been nearly a whole year since I have stepped foot on Northern Irish soil. 
Bewilderment at how quickly months pass, babies grow, and lives change.
And dread at having the weekend end and having to say goodbye all over again. 

So this morning on that dusty San Francisco sidewalk in the middle of the Mission I hugged them all goodbye one more time.  The tears came, and new wounds were opened, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of this weekend for anything in the whole entire world. 
And now I have another reunion to look forward to.... with four very darling boys that I've missed.