Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 161: Safe Travels

Yesterday was full of travel.  Two hours driving through winding countryside and bustling city streets, followed by two flights.  That’s two times that I sat in a seat aboard a large metal box and prayed that it would lift up into the air and land safely like a feather to the ground.  And then finally another late night car trip to get to my front door.

After I boarded the second plane to come home I couldn’t wait to get there.  The two hours I spent on that tiny (and I mean TINY) little plane between Denver and Peoria seemed to last forever.  My flight ended up getting in late enough that Dustin couldn’t come get me without waking up three boys in their “middle of the night” so a very generous and good friend offered to come get me without even blinking an eye.  I should mention that she also has little ones at home, so it’s not like I was asking nothing of her – she is just that amazing and generous.

Today I am thankful for safe travels and all that it entails. 

Cars winding safely through dense traffic, and planes lifting up through the clouds.  Late night free taxi services – I feel thankful for it all.