Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Days 169 - Resourceful Friends

This morning we left ready to conquer our first day of vacation head-on.  We had our tickets to the Arboretum purchased, restaurants scouted, and excitement at its peak.  What we hadn’t planned on was weird tornado-making weather springing up right over our destination of choice.  In a last minute decision we decided to make a U-Turn and head to our next destination – my parent’s house in Northwest Ohio.  The Arboretum and super cool train restaurant were going to have to wait.  Needless to say, excitement in the family car took a spiraling plummet quickly. 

And then, like a sometimes do, I had this brilliant idea to text a friend that lived in Michigan City and told her of our dilemma.  Within 15 minutes she gave us an equally cool (if not cooler) train restaurant, and excitement was restored.  Liam even shouted at one moment that, “This is the BEST DAY EVER.”  (Blame it on his short life and low threshold of experience.)

Today I am thankful for resourceful friends who are available in a pinch.

And if any of you ever need any good restaurant recommendations in the Central Illinois area….I’m your girl.