Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Days 170: Home

There are times when nothing feels better than being at home.  You know, home home. 

Today I am thankful that I have a place to call home.

When I first got married I dreaded (read: DREADED) moving to Illinois.  I was moving to a place where I would forever be “Dustin’s wife” and was convinced I would hate.  Needless to say, that isn’t true, but I still get homesick for Northwest Ohio. 

I wish I could describe it to you all, but I can’t.  All I can say is that I feel so lucky that my parents (even after moving to another country and selling the only home I’d ever known, and then years later moving back to a condo) still have a place where I feel like I am truly home.  It isn’t a home I grew up in, but because my parents are here to fill it with love and other warm-fuzzies, it feels just like it.