Monday, July 7, 2014

Days 181-188

Hey.  I know I've totally failed at this gratefulness blog and I totally understand if you want to write me off as a phony.  I promise you I have been grateful.  And I also promise you I've been feeling adequately guilty for being lame and not writing.

I've also been adequately busy stuffing my face full of delicious food and not caring at the same time.  It may all come around to bite me in some way.

I spent all last week stressing out because I wasn't anywhere near internet (which is totally awesome until you realize that you NEED THE INTERNET), and I just haven't felt like working very hard at finding a way to post.

I'm not having a hard time finding things to be thankful for - in fact my problem is that there is so much to be thankful for that I'm enjoying it and keep forgetting that I am supposed to be documenting it.  My big plan this last week was to write something down every day and then to post all of it when I got home today and was again attached to the outside world.

One look at my couch and my unpacked bags and...well you can only imagine my non-existent motivation to sit down in front of a computer and search by brain for things that happened on exact days.  Sometimes life is too much fun to bother with forced reflection.

Sometimes the sun is too warm on your forearms and the beach is too close to that perfect combination of breezy and warm, and your kids are having way too much fun jumping in waves and your books are much too good to put down.  And sometimes you end a pretty spectacular day too exhausted to do anything but fall into your bed with all of your clothes still on, and sand still in your hair and think, "Oh man this is real life and this is outstanding."  Sometimes you're too all of the above to want to write down just one thing to share with the world (or the three of you that decide this is worth reading).

So I missed 8 make up for it, here are 16 things I was thankful for this past week (2 for each day - because I like to punish myself like that).
  1. Lake Michigan - again.
  2. Family pictures
  3. College friends.
  4. Reunions with college friends shared in a backyard hogroast with coolers and citranella candles and a band and the whole shabang.
  5. Engagements.
  6. Weddings.
  7. Little boys that just can't find the will power to stay out of the lake.
  8. Forgiveness and understanding.
  9. Birthday cake.
  10. Laugh-out-loud books that make everyone around you think they are missing out on something amazing - because they are.
  11. Older cousins.
  12. Sweet baby girls that fall asleep on your chest while you sit outside on the porch swing.
  13. Brunch, conversation, delicious coffee, and pastries on a shady patio with friends. (Tree shady - not "bad part of town" shady.)
  14. Safe travels.
  15. Kisses goodnight.
  16. Gigantic servings of delicious pizza. 

Try and tell me you're having a better summer...I dare you. ;)


dervla @ the curator said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

you're having a great summer, that's for sure! I won't try and beat it, but I'll try and equal it :)) cheers to making memories, so many that you're too happy to sit down at that computer :)