Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 189: Baseball

Last year we signed my oldest son up for soccer after a year of him KICKING A BALL CONSTANTLY.  We were fresh off that plane and all a little sad.  We all showed our sadness in different ways, but for some reason his mourning came in the form of refusing to play soccer. 

I'm not kidding or exaggerating when I tell you that all he wanted to do in Northern Ireland for our last 6 months there was to kick a ball with anyone who would join him.  And suddenly he didn't want to kick a ball - ever. 

This eventually led to us dropping out of soccer and calling it done.  We needed time to figure out who we were without Corrymeela and without the volunteers.  He needed the same. 

Fast forward 6 months to t-ball forms and giving organized sports another go. 

I'm so glad we did.  Miles had two amazing coaches with this endless well of patience for the players.  He loved the game and found such joy in the friends he made.

Today I am thankful for t-ball.

He did a great job.  I loved watching him have fun.