Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 202: Vacation

Okay... hang tight, because I'm about to perform a post dump up in here. 

Once again our family was lucky enough to go up to the Lake Michigan for the majority of a week and the beautiful thing about our vacation location is that there is no internet.  So I've been collection grateful posts for you all this entire week. 

Read em' and weep friends.

Day 202...

Today, after a long day of playdates and naptimes and piano practice and just general surviving we decided to leave 18 hours early for vacation. 

So we threw our suitcases into the hatchback and stuffed three little boys into the backseat of our tiny car with some waterbottles and various snacks.  One last stop at the library and we were on the road.

Today I am thankful for happy travelers.  

I haven't always been blessed with compliant co-pilots, so I definitely know the other side all too well. 

Which is probably what makes me so darn thankful for what we have right now.