Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 37: Neighborhood

I've mentioned it before; I never intended to move to a small town.  There are times when I wonder if this is the best fit for our family, and if we need to be in places that offer different experiences, but I don't regret being here, in the smallest of small towns, at all.

Yesterday we were tucked away again in yet another snow day - the millionth one of 2014.  But you won't hear me complain.  Okay, maybe I will complain a tiny bit because I actually really needed to go into work and do some things.  But nothing that couldn't wait in the scheme of things.

I think part of me actually missed snow while we were gone...and an excuse to stay in my stretchy pants all day.

Earlier yesterday morning the boys went out to play with their Dad in drifts of snow piled on top of already large piles of snow.  At one point I looked out the window and say them playing with the neighbors - running down the sidewalk next to an empty street full of snow.  And I felt so happy.

Today I am thankful we moved to a small town.

The neighbors are friendly.  The neighborhood is safe.  We can walk everywhere we want to go.  Right now, at this moment, it is the best fit for our family..