Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 55: Reunions

I went away this weekend with my oldest son and what happened was a weekend filled with reunions - big and little.
  • A brief reunion with my parents, who collected Miles so that they could spend a special weekend with just him while I gallivanted around Northern Indiana like a college girl again.  
  • A weekend-long reunion with my college girlfriends - which resulted in eating too much and laughing too hard.  A time dedicated to connecting with the people who know every bit of what I've given to this world, and what this world has taken from me.  Solving all of our problems, and the world's through deep discussions, blatant sarcasm, and cuddling with each other's babies.  I miss these women when we are apart too long.
  • A reunion with my oldest son and my parents at the end of the weekend when I collected him and they treated me to breakfast.  Seeing my parents recharges my batteries and gives me permission to forget about being completely responsible for everything that surrounds me for two minutes.  And seeing Miles again after we both had spent the weekend doing our very favorite things, hearing about it all of the way home, and singing along to the radio even louder than we had on the way out to Indiana.
  • And finally, a reunion with the rest of my boys at home.  Oliver sitting on the couch waiting for me to kiss him before lying down for his nap, and Liam waking up bleary-eyed hours later - a look of excitement on his face - I don't think I've ever been greeted with such unabandoned joy in my life.  And of course my husband, who makes my heart slow down and relax the minute I can feel him next to me.

Today I am thankful for reunions.  

They are the medicine for my soul.