Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 46: Getting It.

Sometimes I completely drop my guard and start confessing about the things I really struggle with as a mother.  It's not pretty, this confessing, and it certainly isn't something I'm proud of. 
These moments of weakness are usually summoned by someone's listening ear, the leaning in of shoulders and knowing nodding heads.

It is in these moments I can go one of two directions, and my decision can result in one of two reactions. 

In the worst of moments I say too much, receive too little, and leave feeling like I've just given something of myself that I can never get back.

In the best of moments I still say too much, but there is someone there receiving it that understands, and commiserates, and says I have been there girl.

Today I am thankful for connections with people who GET IT.

...and those people who  offer themselves up for that connection.

Those are the people who make this struggling girl know that she is not alone in her fears.