Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 56: Safety

Tonight I was in a daze and blew through a stop sign.  That is hard for me to write down on here, and I spent a considerable amount of time getting up the courage to write it.

Because it may not seem like much to some people, but it shook me to the core.  If I think too hard about it, it can turn my stomach.

It was such an irresponsible thing to do that could have cost me my life, or the life of someone else.  It's that simple. 

How often we do things that could go one way but end up silently retreating with no consequences. 

It reminded me of the times God protects me from myself or others.  The times others are protected from me.  I've lived a life that could have been cut short a number of times; more times than I can count.  And those are just the times I know about.  What about the times I think of as inconveniences, but are really just diverted close-calls?

Who was God protecting (besides me) today when I made a mistake?

Today I am thankful for the times I have been protected, or others have been protected from me.