Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 47: Worship

Today was one of those days at church when you remember why you get up every Sunday morning after getting up every other morning that week and go off to do something that isn't required, or even expected of you.  Today was the type of day that reminds you why you wrestle with your one year old to put on socks and your five year old to brush his hair while your husband lies in bed with the flu.  It reminds you why, even when you're tempted to give up and climb back into bed, knowing your kids would not know the difference, you instead make them all brush their teeth, pour yourself a coffee to-go and climb through your tundra of a yard to get to your car. 

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to worship in a congregation of my choosing.

My faith has never been forced on me.  I had excellent Christian role models growing up - people that modeled love over everything and who showed me what it is like to live a life of love and acceptance - of inclusion. 
And because of that my faith has formed into something similar.  And because of ALL OF THIS I am able to belong to a church where I feel comfortable and loved and people I want to walk alongside this adventure.

Today was a great day to be a member of my church. 

I feel lucky to have been there.