Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 39: These two

Tonight I went out on a birthday date with two very dear friends from my days of teaching high school art.
When I say "very dear" I don't just use it like these are people I enjoy having wine and food with.  I mean more like, these are the people who helped me breath and survive AND the people I enjoy having wine and food with.
Where do I even begin?

How about with "yes".  They are the yes people in my life.  Not just yes, but HELL YESSSSSSSSS people.  When I started my MFA, they were my biggest cheerleaders.  In fact, they were such big fans that one decided to live with me in San Francisco for an entire summer while I lugged around a giant large format camera and complained about how much everything cost. Six years ago when I opened an art gallery and wine bar one said "Not without me you don't" and the other said "I'll be there every Friday even if I'm the only one."  When I brought home my first baby they cheered.  When I was pregnant with my second they guessed before I could muster up the courage to tell them.  When I moved away they cried and celebrated for me.  While I was gone one was my most loyal correspondent while the other struggled through things I couldn't help her with from far away.  When I came home we all picked up where we left off, but with a little more wear and tear in our lives.

We've survived through job changes, divorce, separation, babies, puppies, cancer, Las Vegas, brokenness, wholeness, poorness, and richness.

Today I am thankful for THEM.

My life is different because of them.  My life is fuller because of them.  My life is more adventurous because they're in it cheering me on and telling me yes.