Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 97: Teeth

A few days ago Miles revealed a loose tooth to me.
I believe I handled Kindergarten registration with class, and the first time he wanted to walk into school without me - I accepted it bravely.
When Dustin pointed out to me that he doesn't need his bear and monkey as much - I held my chin high and braved his independence like a champ.


Exactly how much growing up is God going to have me endure within this one year?

Deep breaths.

I guess this is all good though.  At some point we do want them to do these things.  We want them to tie their shoes by themselves and not ask for kisses before bedtime every night.

Right?  Is that what we want?

My poor mama heart is just shattered today, but I know that it is for all the wrong reasons.  Because THIS is what we want for our children.  This is the plan.  This is where we're at, and I should be grateful for it.

Tonight I am thankful for signs that my children are on track and healthy.

It kills me.

But I guess some things just aren't always about me.  (sniff.)