Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 112: Dawn

Early Morning Light in Northern Ireland

I set my alarm every morning for 5:00 am.  If that seems impressive to you, I should also tell you that I set a second one for 5:15. Let's just say I'm definitely not jumping out of bed with a smile on my face.

Mornings have always been my favorite time of day.  Early mornings when no one else is up - even better.  In my younger years I easily woke up at these early hours without any help from an alarm.  My parents tell stories of waking up to find me sitting on the couch just patiently waiting for someone to get up and entertain me pre-dawn.  In college I would get up at insane hours to go work out so that I didn't have time to talk myself out of it. (Working out?  Who even knows what that is these days?)  Even after I had kids, my best thinking and most productive time of day has been early morning, from 5-7 (or more recently, from 5:30-until my kids wake up - which is closer to 6:00 on some days).

It's when I read my Bible and look out the window.  Drink coffee slowly.

Okay, so I use the word "productive" quite loosely.

But these moments are important to my productivity.  It's like plugging myself into an outlet and recharging.  My download of energy and peacefulness - two things I need to get off on the right foot.

I may stumble moments later - but at least I start out on the right foot, RIGHT?

Today I am thankful for the early morning and what it brings to the table.