Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 96: 40

Today my parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up with parents that have loved each other for so long - for parents who have this fabulous love story that eventually turns into a family, and life for me and my three brothers.

They've taught me a lot about parenting, and marriage.  Fighting fair, and saying "I'm sorry".  About laughing at ourselves and never taking oneself too seriously.  About adventure and stability.

About loving someone, and allowing yourself to be loved by someone. 

Today I am thankful for two parents that have loved each other my whole life.

But not just that - the opportunity they had to love each other their whole adult lives. 

The summer they met.  The years they spent overseas.  The good health that has carried them so far.  The four fabulous children they had (especially that daughter of theirs - she's the best one).

All of it. 

I'm thankful that it included me.