Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 106: Affirmations

There is one time I remember listening in church as a young middle schooler.  That's right, only one time.  It was an interim pastor at our church and he did a sermon all about affirmation.  Immediately following the service our Sunday School teacher had us all write a letter of affirmation to someone.  In typical 12-year-old-lazy fashion, I wrote it to the pastor himself.   And boy did he love that letter.  He told my grandparents all about it, who told my parents, who asked me all about it.  I just shrugged and probably said something along the lines of, "It's no big deal".  To this day I don't think I've ever told any of them that my it was actually my Sunday School teacher's idea.  I'm not even sure I think that's an important detail anymore, because I do know that I took away a great deal from that experience.  I learned the value of heartfelt affirmation. 

There are times in my life when I really put myself out there.  I step outside of my comfort zone and do something that I feel right doing, but can't believe I'm doing at the same time. 
It usually goes something like this....
  • Step 1: Think of something that I absolutely must do while doing any of the following: walking, showering, driving.   At this time the "thing" seems necessary and there is absolutely no question in my mind that it is the right thing to do.  
  • Step 2: Do thing.  Sway a bit in my resolution that it MUST BE DONE, but ultimately decide that my first instinct must have been there for a reason.
  • Step 4: Realize this thing can not be undone, and one must live with the consequences.
  • Step 5: Sit around in agony wrestling with all of the possible worst case scenarios that could come about because I was mistaken in thinking this "thing" needed to be done.
  • Step 6: Go crazy with regret and anxiety.
  • Step 7: Realize that it just needs to play out and there is nothing one can do.  Start thinking about the best case scenarios - which are usually REALLY REALLY great.
When I do these things I go absolutely crazy with fear that what I've done is completely wrong.  Whatever I had done will be received all wrong and I came off as selfish and crazy.  I believe we women call it overthinking.

Which leads me to what I am thankful for today.

Today I am thankful for people who go out on a limb to tell you that you've done something good. 

People that build confidence with the affirmations they go to the trouble to deliver.

When we do a truly good thing, we don't do it to get noticed or to receive thanks, BUT (but but but but BUT) it feels so good, and expounds our faith, when someone goes out on a limb to tell us that we've done something right.  We are good. 

These people are important to society because they are the people that give our souls fuel to go on doing great and wonderful things.  They are the people that are behind the nudge we feel to do something we really want to do, even if it is outside our comfort zone.

Thank you God, for these people.