Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 102: Pizza

Tonight was one of those nights when I went over to hang out with a good friend.  It started out with us going out to a fancy dinner and drinks, then morphed into us drinking wine and eating fancy tapas on her back porch, and eventually ended with a text that said something like, I'm dirty, my house is dirty. I've ordered pizza.

Which is awesome.  And the best kind of friendship in the whole wide world.  Because all I really wanted to do was sit at a table with her and talk all evening.  I didn't care where, and I didn't care what filled the table between us - although I'll never complain about pizza and a glass of Poppy wine.

Today I am thankful for a night of relaxing conversation and easy-ness.

I'm pretty simple.  And I love when things can just be simple and unpretentious every once-in-awhile.

It was exactly what my heart (and my wallet) needed.