Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 91: Baby Girl

All my life I've been surrounded by boys - and the not good kind of boys that you wish for in high school.  Instead, I've been surrounded by the kind that like to either pretend you yourself are a boy, or make fun of you because you aren't.  The kind that push you off the swings and shoot you with a bb gun "in fun".  Boys that throw sticks at you, and tell you that you have to switch out of first gear on the dirt bike or you're going to ruin the engine.  Boys that throw you into the pool and laugh.  Boys that pin you down and threaten to drop spit in your face.  Boys that build forts with you and let you boss them around a bit before they decide to declare mutiny and kick you out of the fort you helped build.

And as an adult I've somehow ended up with all sons and mostly nephews up until now.  Which works out, because although I spent a great deal of my teenage years trying to figure boys out, I do know my fair share about little boys. 

But guess what, that is about to change...
The number of nieces I have has almost doubled in the last month, going from three to five in only a few short weeks.  I now officially have more girls than boys in one area of my life and I find that incredibly exciting.

Yesterday my little brother (the stick-throwing one) and my very brave sister-in-law (because we're all brave to do this, right?) gave birth to the most perfect newborn baby girl I've seen through a series of cell phone pictures in four weeks. 

If she looks this good with a cell phone, then imagine how incredible she is in real life.

I'll tell you all about it when I get to see her in two weeks!  Eeek!

Today I am thankful for my newest niece, Etienna Rose, and that I get to see her so very soon.

Her beautiful name is in honor of her grandfather that passed away exactly a year ago (almost to the hour).  God is amazing like that sometimes.

It sounds like she already has her Daddy wrapped around her finger which hopefully means he'll treat her better than he treated me growing up.

Just kidding.  I mean, I do hope he doesn't pin her down and threaten to drop spit in her face, but I'm not too worried that he will.  He'll make an amazing Dad to this little girl, just like he is already an amazing Dad to her big brother, X.

Two weeks!  (eek!)