Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 90: Medicine

Modern medicine has pretty much wowed me to the point of disbelief lately.  It has cured things for our family that I never thought was possible.  It has made seemingly hopeless situations a thing of the past.  It makes childbirth pleasant and safe.  It fixes spinal cords.  It changes a person's behavior and capacity for learning.  Science is pretty much amazing.

This weekend it wowed me again.  Oliver got drastically sick, drastically fast on Sunday just when we were getting ready to come home from visiting my parents.  What started out as an annoying cough at night turned into RSV within just a few hours on Sunday morning.  Although at that time I didn't know it was RSV.

So at my mom's suggestion I left my other two boys with my parents and drove Oliver to the nearest Urgent Care in their town. 
Within an hour they had him diagnosed and on a breathing treatment. For $20 I walked out with a solution and a prescription tucked in my pocket.

Today I am thankful that I have access to excellent healthcare for my family.

It was a scary few hours there when I didn't know what was wrong with Oliver and I was stuck between trying to decide if I needed to be scared or if I needed to just chill out and let it run it's course.

I was glad my mom was there to say, "You should go." and that the Urgent Care facility was close.  And open.  And that I had insurance and the money in my bank account to pay what I needed to pay on top of that.

And I was even a little grateful that I had a stupid nebulizer sitting in a closet at home that I had never used and was cursing myself for getting in the first place.  I guess I did need it after all.