Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 74: My Court

Right after we first got married we moved to a college town where neither of us really knew anyone.  Dustin had a number of friends within driving distance, but we really had no real friends to speak of where we lived.  Especially me. 

I spent many months feeling sorry for myself and silently (or maybe not-so-silently) resenting my new husband for dragging me there under the pretense that he wanted to continue his education. 

My situation didn't get much better when I got my first job working as classroom "teacher" at a daycare, which was complimented by my part-time second job as a shift manager at the retail store Tuesday Morning.  I could do starving artist no problem, but I had a hard time doing starving artist that changes diapers by day and organizes the towel aisle by night.  I spent a lot of time wondering and worrying about how my job looked to the outside world, and how my bio would read someday. 

World renowned photographer and jewelry designer starts out as silly song singer and puppetmaster to two-year-olds while teaching skills like drinking out of a cup and hand washing.  When asked where her inspiration comes from she reminisces about the time an angry customer shoved a shopping cart of photo albums at her and all of the hardships that came with living in a white-collar middle-class town made up of 80% urban sprawl. 

(Of course I am a "world-renowned photographer and jewelry designer" in my daydreamed future-self.  What do you expect?)

It was pathetic really.

But in the midst of it all I somehow fell in love with the people I worked with at the daycare. 

 Long after I left I stayed in touch with many of them, and loved being around them.  They were down to earth, sarcastic, and lovely. 

They were my first friends after marriage that were just mine.

Over the years they slowly fell away and out of touch.  I still think about each of them often and laugh to myself when I think about things we did or adventures we had.  Honestly, they are still a huge part of my adult self even if we don't talk on the phone.

But there is one that remains. 

And tonight I got to spend my night with her and it was glorious. 

I loved what this night did for my heart and for my gut and for my tastebuds - because we have good taste in food too.

Today I am thankful for an evening with my dear friend, Court.

I laughed and listened and vented and did everything else that one does during the perfect childless outing with a perfect friend on a beautiful night.