Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5: Pause Button

I'm feeling much better today, thanks to all of you that wished me worked.

And just in time to be snowed in by some huge snowstorm that shows no signs of quitting.  I'm starting to think that I should have taken the idea of stocking up my refrigerator and pantry more seriously yesterday.

I really love snow right now, but I think it is because I am becoming more of a home-body.  I find myself relieved to have an excuse to burrow into my house all day with nowhere to go, although I do at some point reach a dangerous place of restlessness and loneliness that could be considered borderline pathetic.

Dustin is the opposite.  He made everyone get dressed this morning at 9:30, which I thought was crazy-town.  I just pretended like I didn't hear him while I hid out in our study with my pajamas, slippers, and coffee.  He gets restless about one hour in and feels like he NEEDS to leave the house.  I would be perfectly happy sitting around in my pajamas all day.

The things is that it isn't just snowing nonstop - it's also windy and super duper cold.  Everyone is telling us to stay inside and never leave.  I'm just going to go ahead and listen, because sometimes it's just nice to have someone tell you exactly what to do.  Even when you have a million errands to run, and things to do, it is nice to just say, "My hands are tied!  I mustn't go anywhere!  The weatherman is threatening me with frostbit!"  Plus I drive the tiniest, most snow-hating car ever.  I really am forced to stay here and wait it out.

Today I am thankful for days when we are forced to hit the "pause" button.

I like to be productive to a fault.  It's nice when productivity is not only not expected, but forbidden.  And I think every once in awhile God sees that we're too busy, too stretched, trying too hard to avoid real feelings, so God gives us a Pause day so that we can take some deep breaths before facing it all tomorrow.

The Year of Gratitude