Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3: Strong Women

A few years ago my niece was Spider Man for Halloween.  She also loves everything that would typically be labelled as a "boy" toy - including, but not limited to dinosaurs, superheroes, and dirtbikes.  I've always thought it was so cool.  In fact, I think it is cool everytime I see a little girl dressed as a Superhero that isn't wearing a miniskirt - like superpowers expand beyond sexism.

But I only have little boys.  How do I teach them that superpowers shouldn't just belong to socially awkward men or sexy women?

Then Disney did it for me.

Disclaimer: I haven't actually seen the movie, so this is all hear-say from my two older you can take it with a grain of salt.

Last week Miles and Liam went to see Frozen with my dad and husband.  They came back so excited about how much they loved the movie - begging to see it again as soon as possible.  That's not unusual - they love movies.

But all day yesterday was spent with them playing Elsa and Anna - the two main female heroines in the movie.  They weren't damsels in distress, or lovestruck.  They were just pretending to be super powerful and kind sisters.

Today I am thankful that my sons have good female role models. 

I'm no longer just talking about Elsa and Anna, or even Disney (who I don't actually endorse), but nearly all of the females in their lives seem super to them. Without a single other girl in our house, I sometimes worry about how they'll learn to love and treat women.  But when I look at their surroundings I can't help but hope that they are taking all of this in.  Soaking it up. 

Because even I am inspired by the people they are so lucky to know.

The Year of Gratitude 


Valerie's HeART said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great post...and yes, "Frozen" was wonderful. We took the WHOLE family including my Mom and Aunt(who is a special needs person). Listening to them giggle was the best...and they are part of a family of seven sisters and three brothers. The rest of us enjoyed it two. You will have to take them for the repeat. :)

You are out numbered by men...but I know you will do a great job of teaching them about women. Think how excited we will be to get daughters-in-law! Of course, they need to let us pick them.

Tiffany said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Valerie's HeART I love that Valerie. Especially the last sentence. :) Thank you.