Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 14: Planning

Tonight I sat huddled around my computer for a few hours with just one mission - to plan the class I'll be teaching this spring.  It's an entry-level art appreciation course for non-art majors.  This is the type of class I LOVE teaching. 

I've had some reservations about teaching since we've been back.  I've been so far removed from it that I was starting to think maybe I don't want to teach anymore. I was totally okay with not going back anytime in the near future.  In fact, when they approached me about teaching this class I accepted, not because I wanted to, but because I felt like it was the responsible thing to do. (responsibility - ugh.)  I even had a brief moment of relief when I was told there was a chance the class was going to get dropped from the schedule. 

Well, it's on the schedule.  And tonight I wrote, and rewrote, and edited, and fine-tuned a syllabus that even my old coworkers at WCHS would be proud of. 

And the crazy thing about it, the really amazing thing about it, is that in the midst of this planning I suddenly got excited about teaching again.  I love lesson planning and project-planning.  That stuff is fun to me.

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to teach again.

It's a small gig, but I think that's all I'm up for at this moment.  It's the perfect taste of what I need before I potentially jump right in.

The Year of Gratitude