Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 10: Break time.

I am sitting here in a quiet room with borrowed time.  The only thing that sheds any light is the screen from my laptop that is sitting on my lap which is draped in a heavy blanket. Yesterday was busy - my first day back at work, Liam's first day at his new preschool, Parent/Teacher conferences, etc.

Today is blank....except for an oil change I scheduled for 3:50 this afternoon.  My husband and I fight over who gets to take the car in to get the oil changed.  Actually, I imagine that we might have to fight over it, but then he just lets me go because he knows how much I like it.  Seriously, its 30 minutes of amazingness.  It has fluffy couches, cable tv, free coffee and smoothie bar, snacks, and People magazine.  The first time I went I took my two younger kids, not know what to expect and spent the whole time cursing myself for wasting a perfectly good smoothie bar and magazine selection.  So now it is my own personal get-away.  It costs less than a massage, includes snacks, and I leave feeling like I've accomplished something for the day.  And bonus - I don't have to take any clothes off.

Today I am thankful for having a break.

I'll get to leave my kids at home and hightail it off to the dealership, and right at about the perfect time of the day. Heck! I might even stop at TJ Maxx!

Welcome to my life of glamor.

The Year of Gratitude 


Catherine Anderson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It's nice to know that they provide you free coffee and snacks as you wait for your car to be tuned. It's a great way to entertain patrons and make sure they'll come back when their services are needed. Anyway, I love the fact that you're giving yourself a break after your tiring work. Maybe you can suggest getting a coffee machine for your office. :)

Catherine Anderson @