Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 17: Talented Friends

I just got done hanging this sweet picture in my sons' room....

I posted about Miles' illustrated picture back when we got it - shortly after he turned two. (If I was a more talented blogger, I would totally link to it, but i just spent 10 minutes looking for the post and feel like it is 10 minutes I'll never get back.)

So anyways, my dear friend Heidi is an artist/illustrator who has done a few books and has an awesome Etsy shop.  Check it out here. I asked her to do an illustration of Miles when he turned 2, with all of his favorite things and an outfit I always want to remember him.  I wanted to capture him at two  - quirks and all.  I simply sent her a picture of him that I liked, with pictures of some of his favorite toys, and the outfit I wanted him to be wearing.  She did an amazing job. 

Fast forward to two years later, when I had her do the same thing for Liam.  Everything about it is so specific to him - including his blankie and cape.  I especially love it because some of those toys we had to leave in Northern Ireland and I am reminded of how much he loved playing with them at that time in his life.

Today I am thankful for talented friends.

What an amazing gift to have and share with others.  Love these.

Check out her work.  How cool is it to have an illustration of your kids?

The Year of Gratitude