Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 24: Funny Guy

Us circa a long long time ago.

My kids love the music from Frozen.

Like, love it so much that they (Miles) will sit in a chair for HOURS and listen to the music coming out of a set of speakers with no pictures.

This is new territory for us.  Sitting still that is.

So it was natural that our breakfast conversation this morning evolved into a discussion comparing the way Spiderman shoots webs and Elsa (from Frozen) shoots ice.  We determined it's all about the hand gestures.  

Which led to my husband standing up and showing us all how Elsa changes things into ice.

Which led to some twirling, a few plies, and what I can only suspect was a hint of jazz hands.

Which led to serious laughter.

Which led to more laughter.

Which eventually led to some others trying to imitate above-mentioned dancing, I mean ice shooting.

Today I am thankful for a partner that can make me laugh.

There were a lot of reasons I married Dustin - his motorcycle, his sweet long hair, his incredible height....but his sense of humor was, and is, at the top of my list.

But don't tell him I think he's funny - that would ruin everything.

The Year of Gratitude