Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1, A New Year.

When I was little 2014 seemed so far away.  I was sure we'd all be driving flying cars by now and talking into our wrists.  I guess talking into our wrists is pretty close to what we do now.

I barely stayed up past 9:30 last night, crawling into bed and laughing with irony that I felt grateful to be in my bed with my book than out at some party trying to pretend like it was the BEST. NIGHT. EVER.  I don't blame "having children" on this attitude shift, but perhaps just "wising up".  I know that's boring.

But there is something beautiful about the new year.  A do over. Fresh days ahead. Resolutions and hope.

Today I am thankful for the marking of a new year.

When I look back at my life I think of the things that have happened to me in terms of years.

For example - in 2009 we brought home two babies, (Miles in April and Liam in December) I got my MFA at the Academy of Art, my aunt Marsha died suddenly, and I closed a business that was beautiful and amazing and under-appreciated.

Needless to say, I don't actually remember much about 2010.

Some years have been filled with set-backs and some with miracles.  Most are filled with both.

But when you start a new year you only have hope.

What I hope this year brings....
Two new healthy babies - one for each side of the family.
Healing for my father-in-law.
A brother and sister-in-law moving much closer to me.
A sister-in-law that gets into a college program she is perfectly suited for.
A brother that stays sober and works hard to do what's right.
Healthy parents.
Healthy children.
Uneventful doctor's appointments.
Sustainability doing what I love.
New projects.
New clients.
New art. 
A new attitude.

What do you hope 2014 brings?

The Year of Gratitude