Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 122: Chicago

I just got home from a whirlwind trip to Chicago with a dear friend.  I thought for sure I'd be too tired to post anything, and that I would just collapse into my bed with exhaustion, but since I spent all day cafe and restaurant-hopping, I'm pretty much hopped up on caffeine and sugar.

Today I got to take a train to Chicago all by myself, armed with nothing but an apple, an umbrella, and a brilliant book.  The train ride was relaxing and spent with my nose thoroughly planted in my book.  I wasn't even bothered by the loud obnoxious baseball fans that marched up and down the aisle throwing insults back and forth while passing sour cream and onion chips past me every three minutes.  I didn't care, because they were not my responsibility.  I even got to run into a friend that I don't get to see nearly enough as she was off to give her daughter a fabulous birthday in the big city. 

As I climbed out of the train station and into a city I once adored I was overwhelmed by the sense of total freedom I felt.  It has been over 3.5 years since I've been in the guts of this city, but it enveloped me like I was 22 again - a student that walked with confidence and flippancy.  It didn't hurt that I had on Converse and a backpack. 

I spent a beautiful day with a beautiful friend.  We had good conversations that we've needed to have, and we had an entire day to do whatever we wanted.  No one decided for us.
So we ate.
And looked at art.
Then ate again.
Then had desert.
And finished with a second desert, because we knew it would be that much better. 

It was a great day with a great friend. 

Today I am thankful for a trip to Chicago and a friend willing to meet me there.

And I feel giddy inside as I sit here listening to my youngest sigh deeply in his sleep.  The best of both worlds all in 18 hours.