Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 126: Nursery School

Liam loves school.  He loves it so much that he has a little song he sings on Tuesdays and Thursdays (the days he actually goes).  It's a catchy little tune that he made up himself that includes the phrase, "Today is school day!" over and over AND OVER again. 

The kid loves school.

Which is new territory for us.  And welcome territory. 

But the truth is that I've been in his classroom.  I've sat through carpet time.  I KNOW why he likes it. 
It is totally awesome.  It's engaging and his teacher is this most amazing woman that I can never imagine ever saying a cross thing in the history of ever. 

I wish she was my teacher.

And on Saturday I bore witness to the MOST ADORABLE spring program I have ever laid eyes on.  Seriously.  It was like magic. 

I don't think I'm being partial here either - I did teach at a preschool/daycare when we were first married.  I've seen what a mess programs can potentially turn into.  Usually none of us care because the kids are so stinkin' cute no matter what sort of havoc they are wreaking.  But this program was so over the top cute that I almost started crying. 

Today when I dropped Liam off at school I was reminded how lucky I am that he has such a lovely place to go and learn.

Today I am thankful for Liam's preschool.

And his teachers that do all of the work of making it awesome.