Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 125: Children's Day

Today in South Korea it was Children's Day - a day where the entire country shuts down to honor and love their children.

Growing up my parents always told me Children's Day doesn't exist, because everyday is Children's Day.  I guess now we've found a Korean holiday loophole for our family.

We've done a host of different things in the past for this holiday, but this was the first year where the boys could actually tell us exactly what they wanted to do without any prompts from us - which made it extra fun.

That's sort of what this holiday is all about - letting the Children do exactly what they've always wanted to do, and (in our children's case especially) your parents never usually let you do.  On Thursday I explained to the boys what Children's Day was (since they never actually remember from one year to the next) and asked them what they would like to do if they could do ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Miles immediately said, "Bowling", which I completely didn't expect.  He's never even talked about it before, so I was pleased that he was branching out.

Liam quickly followed with, "Pick out new sunglasses", which didn't surprise me even the smallest amount since all the boy has been harping on for three weeks is how and when he is going to get a pair of MUCH NEEDED sunglasses.

Oliver chose nothing, so we decided that the only thing in the entire world he would want to do is come along for the ride and participate.

We started out with the sunglasses, which was super easy because the shop we went to has tons of children's sunglasses, and they are all super cheap.  In predictable fashion, Miles and Liam chose identical pairs, but Oliver stole the show with his utter enthusiasm for getting to wear sunglasses without anyone yanking them off his face and saying, "No Ollie!"

Next we went bowling, which was interesting.  The boys are still learning how to force the ball down the lane fast enough to even register on the computer that someone actually rolled a ball down the lane.  Let's just say we definitely got our money's worth when each boy got to roll a ball down the lane at least four times for every turn.  It was killing my score-keeping husband when Miles and Liam were racking up Strikes and Spares like crazy.  It's a bit easier to get a spare when you get five tries at it. :)  We were there for a LONG TIME. 

Today I am thankful for my children.

Not just each individual child, but who they are as a whole when the fill the room by just being.

I am one lucky mama.