Sunday, June 10, 2012

A post NOT about the 30 day challenge

Things that could happen if you were to get your family photos taken by a professional photographer in June, in Northern Ireland...
  1. You could have rain everyday for an entire week and have to reschedule the shoot repeatedly.
  2. Giant balls of big ugly seaweed could wash up on shore forcing you to change the location.
  3. Your son could wake up with his eyes glued shut because of an eye infection.
  4. Your other son could have a cold sore.
  5. Once you get to the forest (a.k.a. new location), there could be tiny biting flies that are so fierce in number that it rivals the great locust attack that Moses predicted in the Bible.
  6. #5 could result in a nasty rash all over everyone's exposed body parts.
  7. There could be one tiny Liam-sized mud puddle in the entire forest that contended for the blackest, muckiest mud puddle you've ever seen.
  8. 20 minutes in your 2 year old son could face-plant into the blackest, muckiest mud puddle you've ever seen, therefore covering himself from head to toe (literally) in black slime.
  9. You could laugh it off and congratulate yourself on - for once - being the smartest mom at the party because you actually packed an extra outfit for above-mentioned little boy.


Valerie's HeART said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Tiffany...I love your very real life day to day stories that are written so beautifully. I love your heart and pray for you often. We are so very excited for the newest addition to come. Randy's cousin just adopted and has a 6 month old daughther...and then gave birth to a 2nd daughter this week. I thought of you.

Thanks for sharing your life- your work and your heart. I love that you know Bob Ross. Randy and I loved watching him on PBS. Even when we landscape we use the "this little ______ wants to live here" like he used to say.

Love your photos.